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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


39 WILLYS overland sedan, all steel body, rear fenders f/glass widened 3"!, all aluminuim firwall, floorpan to trunk, feul cell, battery bay, boxed frame rails, 12 point cage, all heim joint suspension, 4 link-3/4"heims, koni's, all NEW pumps, filters & hoses, ron francis wiring, tilt column, NEW F.R. str box , leather str wheel, 396 B.B. chev. steel crank, 9 qt. oil pan, 400 H.P..? 4 tube fenderwell headers, BORLA 21/2" S.S mufflers. NEW M.S.D. tach drive dist., 6A box & coil. I-beam axle, chromed & drilled. front windshield clear, all smoked glass, 4 NEW halibrands, 2 knock-offs. 2nd f/glass trunk/wing, $555. 2nd ford 9", "N" carrier, steel spool/33 spline axles, B.B. ends, discs., fits my '39, 33-42 willys, '65+mustang, 55-57 chv. e.t.c.. 2nd set, fr. hubs, discs, N.H.R.A. studs! $220, cant support on pension. needs finishing, paint touch-up, new home, owner e.t.c.  Vancouver, Canada
Contact Wayne:  Monterey101@Hotmail.CA