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Wednesday, November 27, 2019


FOR  SALE:  3 WILLYS in package deal. Will not separate.

(1) 1938 Willys Coupe - I bought this rust bucket car out of Pennsylvania/  Some metal work is done but she needs lots more. This car has a clean and current title, and is currently registered as a "non op" in California. Original running gear is still in the car. It does not run, but it is a roller. I have new glass still in the package.

(2) 1937 Willys 4dr Sedan - I bought this car for parts for the coupe. I was going to build the doors for the coupe out of the 4 doors from the sedan. I was going to use as much of the sedan body as I could that would/could be fabricated from this car. This body and frame have little/no rust. It has no running gear but there is a Ford rear end in the car. The previous owner welded in a Mustang II (factory) front cross member and suspension. I don't know if it's right or not, as I was not interested in that, at the time. I have no title or paperwork on this car, as was my intention to use it for parts. I couldn't bring myself to cut the car up.  This car is a roller.

(3) 1937 Willys 4dr Sedan - This car is the best of the three. It has no rust in the body or frame. I purchased it from a guy that was going to build a gasser out of it. The frame has been cleaned and the body has been primered. It has no running gear but there is a Ford rear end in the car. It is a roller. I have an old California title to the car but it has not been registered in many years. I'm sure it is out of the DMV system and the VIN number will have to be verified. I also have some misc parts that go with the cars.  I am selling the whole package or none. I need to get these out of my way. I have too many other projects under construction at this time.  Cars are in northern California.
$30,000 for all of the above
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